Friday, April 18, 2014

Taking A Break

So taking a small break from some of the game creation stuff, last weekend I manage to get some of my models into Skyrim with a couple mods. I used the Fallout 3 Archive utility, Nifscope, and the Steam Creation Kit to get all this to work.

It took a bit of time and quite a few tutorials to get it figured out. Most youtube tutorials showed how to take an existing weapon in game and just modify the settings of that weapon in the Creation Kit. Or they showed how to replace the 3d mesh of an existing model. Example: taking the Iron sword and replacing the mesh with one that you designed, however every iron sword in the game was now your mesh.

I had to basically put a couple tutorials together by first replacing an in game weapon (the iron sword) and then import those custom piecing into Creation Kit to apply my own settings such as damage, weight, smithing recipe, etc.

Once I managed to get one weapon in, getting the rest of them in was pretty easy (and repetitive). I would be happy to help any one with a custom weapon get it into Skyrim. I plan on seeing about submitting my weapons to the Steam shop so everyone can have some fun with my custom weapons.

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