Monday, July 7, 2014

Back at it?

Recently I had a small hiatus from the game I was working on to get a couple weapons imported into Skyrim. They got submitted to the store and were the most popular Skyrim mods of the week so I was pleased with that. So I had a request from a friend of mine for another weapon and so I am going to be adding this Kukri soon.

I pushed myself back into doing some work on the game that I am working on with my friend, Jim. I completed the bird mount for our knight, Eli to be riding on. I am currently sitting idly on this project until Jim can get the AI working so we can actually get the game mechanics down and not worry as much about the visuals. I did a rough level work out for him to mess around with but after a bit of testing, I want to take the level in a completely different direction. On top of that, I think I will be switching the texturing system over to strictly unlit diffuse textures mainly for the reason of less textures on mobile devices.

I have a couple other things in the work at the moment so we'll see where that takes me. Until then, JIM GET ON THAT AI! :D

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